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Cupertino, CA

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Java (client & server) / JDBC / RDBMSs
GUI / HTML / Websites
We specialize in Java applets, applications,
and server-side programs.  We prefer to work
on cutting-edge commercial applications of the
internet.  One of our strengths is in net-based
applications involving databases.
Preferred projects
consulting, design, system architecture,
development, programming,
debugging, & documentation (including Javadoc);
jdbc, data warehousing, java cgi;
GUI, e-commerce, security
Platform of focus
Wintel; MacOS
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Past projects
We have a broad range of experience, having
worked for large and small organizations in the
U.S. and in other countries including Canada,
Germany, and Thailand.
Programming background
Recently, we have worked primarily for start-up
companies rapidly developing internet-based
applications in Silicon Valley and on the East
Coast in the U.S.  We have developed applets,
applications, and server-side java CGIs.  We
have done GUI work, a custom object persistence
engine and other applications using JDBC to
connect to client's databases, server side Java
SMTP and POP applications, and e-commerce and
security work.

Languages background
We have strong experience in Java, C, and C++.
We also know LISP, PROLOG, Fortran, Basic,
Assemblers, and numerous other languages, but we
are focusing on internet applications and on
Java, SQL, and HTML at present.

Hardware background
Wintel, PowerPC, Sun

OS background
Windows95 and NT, MacOS, Unix

Miscellaneous technology background
data-mining, diagnosis, Bayesian Networks,
pattern recognition
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Symantec Visual Cafe, JDK 1.1, JDBC,
RDBMSs including Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server
& Access;
Netscape Navigator & Communicator, Microsoft's
Internet Explorer, Front Page, Page Mill,
NetObjects Fusion, Microsoft's Internet
Information Server, WebStar, and so on.

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium & PowerPC

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Predictions for Java (19 - October - 97)
Unfortunately, this depends on Microsoft as well
as Sun.  We believe that much of the computing
of the future will be internet-based and have 
bet that Java will be the key
development language for net-based computing.

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