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Varies - from 10-50 hrs/week
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New Haven, Connecticut and Boston/Cambridge Massachusetts 

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Databases / JDBC / Servlets
Applets / Web Integration / Technical Writing
RDBMS systems, Java database connectivity (two and
three tier), Intranets and World Wide Web integrationfor organizations. Java Applet, Servlet and application
development. General strategic direction for organizations
interested in moving to Java based architectures.
Preferred projects
Supervisory, servlets and server side databases, strategic consulting.
Platform of focus
Windows 95/NT, Solaris, Oracle
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Past projects
Researcher - Children's Hospital Informatics Program (Web-RDBMS, Java) 1995-96
Director of Development, Invantage, Inc.: 1997-Consultant:
 Havard Medical Center (1996-Present)
 Children's Hospital of Boston (1995-Present)
 Invantage, Inc (1996-Present)
 W3Health, Inc. (1997-)

Editor, ICN (1996-1996)

 References available
Programming background
Eight years of practical experience, including
research and programming positions at the Children'sHospital Informatics Program (PERL and Java), consulting
work for a variety of organizations developing
web based applications, and a current position
as acting Director of Development for Invantage, a
developer of database applications for the pharmaceutical
industry. This has included both application 
development and strategic direction.


Languages background
 Java (AWT, Servlets, JDBC, Applets etc.) C/C++
 Pascal & Borland Delphi 2.0/3.0
 Borland Paradox (OPAL)

Software-environment background
Borland Delphi
IBM VisualAge for JavaVisual J++
Visual C++
Borland C++/CBuilder
Borland JBuilder
Symantec Cafe
Hardware background
PC and Compatible
MacintoshNetworking (Hubs/Routers, etc.)

OS background
Windows 3.x
Windows 95Windows NT
Solaris 2.x
OS/2 2.1, Warp

Miscellaneous technology background
Networking Technology (Network Computing)
Tools available - SOFTWARE
IBM VisualAge for Java
Borland JBuilderBorland C++Builder, Delphi 2.0/3.0
Oracle Workgroup Server
Borland Database Engine
O'Reilly Website, Java Web Server, IIS 

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium Pro 200 Workstation w/ 64mb RAM
Pentium 166 MMX Laptop w/ 40mb RAMVarious others as required

Tools available - NET
World Wide Web (Gamelan and so forth)Company information repositories
Growing technical contacts within the industrial
and technological communities.
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Predictions for Java (12 - September - 97)
Java is ideal as the backbone of the next generation
of client/server architectures. Once the implementation
issues have been dealt with, Java Applets and Servlets
will allow corporations to move existing 

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