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Services provided as a Company with 5 java people

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Call Assaf at 050-350749 or Saar at 052-424171
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Java/VB/C++ / Databases (RDBMS,ODBMS) / CORBA/DCOM
ActiveX integration / OO and DB design / Commerce & shopping
Information processing systems
Distributed application servers (DCOM/CORBA)
Databases (JDBC/OLEDB, SQL Server/Sybase/Oracle)
Transaction processing
ActiveX - Java integration
Java for ASP and Transaction Server
Database and OO design
Preferred projects
Application/server development
Database integration
Short term consulting
Platform of focus
JDK 1.1  Windows NT  MTS/ASP
Miscellaneous technology background
JDK: JavaBeans, Servlets, RMI, JDBC
ActiveX: Java, VB, ASP,ATL
Distributed: CORBA, DCOM, MTS
Databases: SQL, ODBMS, DTC
Design: RDBMS, OOD, Design Patterns
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Predictions for Java (12 - July - 97)
Software will become as easy to publish and
distribute across the network as HTML is
today, breeding a new class of personal
applications and truely (cross-site) distributed

Java will serve as the underlying infrastructure
that makes it all possible.

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