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Kent L. Smotherman

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Rates: $25 to $50

Services provided as a freelancing individual

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Nights and weekends part time
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Omaha, Nebraska

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Object-Oriented code / Quick Prototypes / Debugging Techniques
My part time is most coder's full time.  I am
very quick yet thorough.
Preferred projects
Prototypes, especially if time is critical and
you need something to demo quickly.
Platform of focus
??? Java is platform independent...I use Windows NT/95
and Symantec Visual Cafe.
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Past projects
1985-1989 ITT/DCD, Bellevue, NE:  Designed and coded a
reliable auto-correcting Emergency Acion Message
subsystem for the USAF SLFCS hardware (ASM on
IBM Series/1).

1989-1994 FDR, Omaha, NE: Transaction processing front-end
applications (ASM on IBM Series/1, C on Tandem)

1994-present CSG Systems Inc, Omaha NE:  Systems
Architect for platform independent GUI framework
for large Cable System app (C++ with Open Interface).
Miscellaneous Java work for R&D.
Programming background
1980-1983 Kansas State University:  Computer
lab instructor for 6502 ASM, 6800 ASM, PL/1, FORTRAN,
See work experience for brief descriptions of
professional employment.

1997-present: part time work for CyberDice to
code prototypes of various Milton Bradley and
Parker Bros. games to the USR Pilot PDA (C).

Languages background
PL/1, C, Pascal, Algol, 6502 ASM, 6800 ASM,
68000 ASM, IBM Series/1 ASM, EDL, C++, Ada,
Java, Fortran, BASIC, Modula-2, Forth, Prolog,

Software-environment background
Structured BASIC (Commodore 64)
GEOS (Commodore 64)
Symantic Cafe/Visual Cafe (Windows NT/95)
Open Interface (Windows 3.1, NT, 95)
MSDEV C++/J++ (Windows NT,95)
GCC for Pilot Dev (Windows NT/95)
OS background
Structured BASIC (I designed this for the 
Commodore 64)
GEOS (Commodore 64)
Amiga OS (Amiga)
EDX (IBM Series/1)
Guardian (Tandem)

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Symatec Visual Cafe for Java development
MSDEV Visual C++ for C++ work.

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Predictions for Java (18 - June - 97)
Tough question - it depends on how long Bill
Gates avoids assasination.  ;)

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