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All the time.
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209 Tremont Street
Cedar Falls,IA 50613

Best way to contact
Phone:319-292-7583 (days)
Phone:319-266-6587 (evenings)
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Servlets / JDBC database connectivity / Client/Server Networked Java applications
Multi-threaded, Advanced User Interfaces / Html/Javascript/ColdFusion / Lingo,Perl,TCL,Supercard/Hypercard
Java based Client/Server applications.  
Java applets, Castanet channels.  Custom flexible
Server Side java Servlets,Advanced Graphical user
interfaces,Java Database integration (JDBC),Java
access to legacy data,HTML,Javascript,ODBC database 
front-ending using Cold Fusion,Director (Lingo),
Perl,C,TCL,Supercard/Hypercard,Graphic Design/illustration,
3d modeling/rendering,Quicktime video compression.
Preferred projects
I am most interested in working remotely.
I have a high speed internet link,FTP server, and
plenty o' computers running Windows NT,MacOS to develop with.
Am primarily interested Inter/Intranet applications
that use Java,Javascript,Html, and databases. I also
have lots of experience with Photoshop,Illustrator, and
many 3d rendering tools.
Platform of focus
Windows NT 4.0 Workstation/Server. MAC OS
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Past projects
After graduating college (in 1991), I've been an
independant contractor with numerous clients including
Deere&Co,Bandag Inc,Sprint Spectrus,Visual Logic,
Factor14,Casinos of the South Pacific.  In these
last 6 years, most of my work has been for
deere and I've been involved with dozens of projects
ranging from Netscape front ends to corporate
databases (DB2,SQL Server), to a Suite of Java tools
to front end Cobal host program with Netscape.  The 
projects I've been involved with have been featured
on the Netscape home page,Communications Week, and
Plant Engineering magazine. In 1997 I started my own company Javaquarium.
Programming background
In 1982,I was one of those 13 yr olds running BBS systems
back in the days of 300 bps modems.  My 10 meg
hard drive on my Apple IIe ruled supreme.  My friends
TRS-80, and anothers Atari 800 were also an influence.
 In 1984 My older brother got the
first mac,  I got my SE30 when those came out,
then graduated to an 840AV, then a Powermac 8500. 
By this time, with the advent of windows95 and NT 4.0
windows no longer sucked and so currently my
Dell 200 Mhz Pentium Pro serves me wel

Languages background
BASIC: 18 years experience.
Hypercard/Supercard: 7 years experience
Lingo: 6 years experience
HTML: 3 years
Javascript: 2 1/2 years
C: 3 years
Perl: 1 year
TCL: 1 year
Java:  1 1/2 years

Software-environment background
Have used practically every major piece of software
you can name.  Favorites include Symantec Visual
Cafe,Metrowerks Codewarrior,Netscape,Photoshop,
illustrator,Cold Fusion.. WS-FTP, Infini-D,Adobe Premiere,
Strata Studio Pro, Macromedia Director. Sheesh, I
can't think..  let's just say that I've used
every piece of software written by anyone, anytime
throughout the history of software.  That
should about cover it.
Hardware background
I think I've already mentioned what hardware I've

OS background
1977 Mattel Battlestar Galactica,Auto Racing
Apple II+,Apple IIe, Atari 400/800, TRS-80
MacOS System 1-7,DOS,Windows 3.1,95, NT 4.0

Miscellaneous technology background
Undisputed master of the pan flute
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Software? see above..

Tools available - HARDWARE

Tools available - NET
and a billion others. :)
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Predictions for Java (16 - June - 97)
to Disneyworld?  Seriously, java is a very
cool language and is my favorite hands down.  It's
future potential is grand.

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