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209 Tremont Street
Cedar Falls,IA 50613

Best way to contact
Phone:319-292-7583 days
Phone:319-266-6587 evenings
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Servlets / JDBC database connectivity / Client/Server
Advanced Gui's / Html/Javascript / Cold Fusion
Java based Client/Server applications
Java applets
Custon,flexible Server side Java Servlets
Advanced Gui interfaces
Java database integration (JDBC)
Java access to legacy data
Castanet Channels
HTML design, Javascript Coding
ODBC Database front ending using Cold Fusion
Graphic Design,Illustration,3d Modeling,rendering
One stop shopping for Inter/Intranet applications
Preferred projects
Inter/Intranet applications,Database front ends,
server side Servlets, Advanced graphical
interfaces, Html,Javascript, Graphics Design,
Lingo programming,Supercard/Hypercard,Perl,TCL
Platform of focus
Windows NT4.0,MacOS
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Past projects
Clients include companies large and small. We've
works on dozens of projects from John Deere,
Bandag Inc, Sprint Spectrum,Factor14,Visual Logic,
Casinos of the South Pacific.  We keep on the
cutting edge of Internet/Intranet technology.
Project include: An Enterprise Support System,
Image/Assembly work intruction database,a Suite
of Java tools that allow for the front ending of
Cobal programs with HTML,Assembly line instruction
system,Sales/Marketing presentations,Interactive
laser disc training simulations for CNC machining
centers,Video wall presentations.
Programming background
Have over 20 years experience with several 
languages including Basic,Hypercard/Supercard,

Languages background
Have over 20 years experience with several 
languages including Basic,Hypercard/Supercard,

Software-environment background
Symantac Visual Cafe,Metrowerks Codewarrior,
Photoshop,illustrator,Infini-d,Cold Fusion,
DB2,Access,Sql Server
Hardware background
TRS-80,Apple IIe,Mac 128,Mac SE30,Quadra840av,
Powermac8500,Dell Pentium Pro 200.

OS background
WindowsNT Workstation/Server,MacOS,apple iie :)

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium Pro 200 Mhz,Mac 8500,Pentium 120 (Acer)

Tools available - NET
Netscape,Internet Explorer,Cold Fusion,CuteFTP,Cu-Seeme,Fetch
You name it, we've used it or at least have
looked at it.
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Predictions for Java (15 - June - 97)
Java will continue to attract more attention and
will become the prefered development language in 
the years to come..,  

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