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Services provided as a Company with 3-5 java people

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175 Elm Street, Somerville, MA 02144-3150 

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via e-mail at:
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interactive / entertainment / games
multimedia / interface / web
Qualia specializes in interactive 
entertainment, interface design, and 
web solutions. We offer total solutions
with custom concept work, 2D/3D graphics, 
and, of course, C++ and Java implementations.
Preferred projects
interactive media, interface, games, multimedia
Platform of focus
Win95/NT, MacOS
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Past projects
Qualia's past clients include Interplay, 
Blizzard Entertainment, Naughty Dog, Method
Software, Barebones Software, Genetic Anomolies
and others.
Programming background
Qualia has developed extensive interactive
entertainment projects in C++ and Java.

Languages background
Java, Javascript, C, C++, LISP, Scheme, Pascal,
Assembly language.

Software-environment background
Sun JDK, Roaster, J++, Microsoft Visual C++,
Metrowerks IDE, Borland C.
Hardware background
Macintosh, Windows, SGI, Next

OS background
Windows NT/95, MacOS, IRIX

Miscellaneous technology background
Multimedia, video games, natural language, AI
Tools available - SOFTWARE
Sun JDK,
Microsoft VC++,
BBEdit 4.0,

Tools available - HARDWARE
Macs, PCs, SGI

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Predictions for Java (12 - June - 97)
A great rapid development tool living alongside
C++ for everything from database applications
to multimedia.

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