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Philipp Nell

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Rates: 50 to 80

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Gabelsbergerstr. 28
D-80333 MuenchenGermany 

Best way to contact
by EMail:
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Java database programming / Database in General / VB
C++ / TCP/IP / Crypto
Database Connectivity via WANs
Preferred projects
- Business to business applications for the internet
  with java or html- database programming

Platform of focus
Windows NT, Unix
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Past projects
- Serveral db applications for LAN with Oracle,
  Access, SQL Server 
- My thesis about java datbase connectivity with implementing a middleware 

- Implementing a report generator for Allianz Japan

- Other companies I worked for: Siemens, Softlab, 2CK, Cosmos Consulting

Languages background
C++, Java, C, Visual Basic, 
4th Dimension, Pascal
HTML, JavaScript

Software-environment background
Borland C++, Visual Cafe, Visual Age, Java Workshop,
Visual J++
Hardware background
PC Hardware

OS background
Windows NT, several UNIXes, Apples OS,

Miscellaneous technology background
Tools available - SOFTWARE
As above and MS Office 

Tools available - HARDWARE
PC AMD K5 166, 64 MB

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
my thesis (only in german)
0 DM (free)

URL for more info

Predictions for Java (1 - June - 97)
I think, Java wiil still need some time to become a real standard
for intranet buisness application development, but it is a good chance
to create new things within a time of development, which where not 
possible in that way.

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