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Sanjay Chaudhry

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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: 60 to 75

Services provided as a freelancing individual

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Immediate. Will like to work from Home/tele-commute. Also open to part time work.
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Boston, MA.

Best way to contact
phone:  W: 1-617-743 1426
        H: 1-627-536 9938
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Java, Javascript / C/C++, OO Design / Unix (internals)
HTML, CGI, Perl / Project Leader
Languages:          Java, C/C++, Javascript, Perl, HTML, shell
Operating Systems:  HP-UX 9.x (Unix internals), Sun Solaris 2.5, Linux
Hardware:           Sun Ultra-1, HP 800/700/400, IBM PC
Networking:         TCP/IP
Other:              CGI. Extensive experience in Web Technologies.
Preferred projects
Design and development in Java
CGI programming
Platform of focus
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Past projects
Please refer to the resume.
Languages background
Java: 2 Years
Javascript: 2 Years
C++ : 2 Years
C: 5 years (including college).
Perl: 2 years
Shell: 5 years.
HTML: 3 years.

OS background
HP-UX 9.x:   7 years (including college).
Sun Solaris: 1 year
Linux:       2 years 
Windows 95 : 1 year
Windows 3.1: 1 year

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Predictions for Java (26 - May - 97)
Java has reached the point of no return. 
Every step up in execution speed of java will
open up new dimensions. In the long run, other
competitors may not survive.

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