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Services provided as a Company with 30 java people

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2600 72nd Street, Suite C
Urbandale, IA 50322

Best way to contact
Phone: (515) 251 7708
Fax  : (515) 251 7871
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Porting JVM / Java Application Development / Intranet/Internet Consulting
Corporate Training / Embedded Applications, Beans Development / CORBA, middleware software
Ported Java Virtual Machine to multiple platforms,
Extended AWT to Interactive TV environment,
Developed Email-Phone,
NetMortgage Pure-Java product for Online-Banking,
Several projects related to Internet/Intranet 
connectivity with existing applications,
Corporate Technical Training in Java,Unix,
Preferred projects
Out sourcing of projects,
consulting with product development,
migration to Internet/Intranet,
middleware-CORBA connectivity to existing software
Platform of focus
Java, Internet/Intranet connectivity, 
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Past projects
Highly skilled professionals with background in
Java, Internetworking, Unix, Windows95/NT,
Networks, and relational databases.

With years of proven technical, business, and 
management experience, all our technical staff 
members are certified and degreed software 
engineers who are dedicated to providing 
ultimate customer service.
Programming background
Software Engineering, Systems Design,
Operating Systems and tools development,
and Performance Engineering.

Specifically in Java, we provide in depth
knowledge of internals of JVM, Threads library,
memory management, garbage collection, and 
application/tools development. 

Languages background

Software-environment background
Cafe, JDK, Workshop, various C/C++ compilers,
version control, and Case Tools. 
Hardware background
Sun Sparc, Pentium, 68K and PowerPC

OS background
UNIX, NT, Windows 95, OS-9

Tools available - NET
netscape, explorer, in-house middleware
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Predictions for Java (13 - May - 97)
Programming Language of Choice for everyone

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