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Rates: $20/hr to $80/hr

Services provided as a Company with 20 java people

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Sunnyvale, CA

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Java / Beans / Intranet
Component / RMI / JDBC
Development of large-scale Java applications 
for Internet/Intranet implementation. We specialize
in building components based on the Java Beans
component framework. We also specialize in other
Java 1.1 related technologies such as Remote
Method Invokation (RMI) and Java Database
Connectivity (JDBC). We can provide on-site
consultants for in-house development or execute
turnkey projects off-site.
Preferred projects
On-site or turnkey off-site Java applications.
Platform of focus
Java 1.1
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Past projects
A demonstration of some projects we have executed
can be seen at our web site:
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Predictions for Java (6 - May - 97)
Account for 25% of software sales by year 2000.

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