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15-20 hours/week
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via email
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server-side Java/CGI / applet games
I specialize in server-side Java as well
as creating applet games.
Preferred projects
less than 3 months
Platform of focus
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Past projects
At my current position, I am the Webmaster,
System Administrator, and Web Developer.
I have dealt with just about everything
relating to internet development except
for database systems.
Programming background
I have worked primarily with event-driven
I started with function-oriented development
and now work primarily with object-oriented

Languages background
I started with BASIC and Pascal originally.
Lately, I have developed programs in:
Visual Basic, C, C++, and, of course, Java.

Software-environment background
I work primarily with the Microsoft
Developer Studio because I develop in
many different languages and I like
the integrated environment.
OS background
I started development on the Macintosh
and Windows 3.1 but I now use primarily
Windows 95 and Windows NT.

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Predictions for Java (25 - April - 97)
My experience has shown that the same piece
of Java code responds differently depending
on the virtual machine used. If the virtual
machines never become entirely interchangeable, 
I don't think the Java language will ever
amount to much.

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