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Samir Jain

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20-40 Hrs/Week
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RTP, Raleigh-Durham area, NC

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PH: 919-461-0637
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Client-Server / UNIX / C/C++/JAVA
Kernel / Device Driver / Project Lead
UNIX Client-Server software architecture, design
development and implementation. JAVA/C/C++ based
applications and/or applets.
UNIX - Solaris/AIX kernel device driver expertise
Preferred projects
Back-end applications and GUI work
Platform of focus
Programming background
Platforms: UNIX, Windows-NT
Networking: TCP/IP, socket based communication
Misc: Proficient in Multi-threaded and Multi-tasking 
      Written several UNIX device drivers, kernel
      extensions, including a filesystem for WORM
      media on AIX.

      Do design,implementation and testing of

      Project Lead for the last 3 yrs.

Languages background
JAVA - 16 months (April 1997)
C++  - 3-1/2 yrs
C    - 8+ yrs

Software-environment background
Visual C++
Hardware background
AIX - RS/6000, PowerPC

OS background
SunOS 4.1.x, Solaris 2.x
AIX 3.2.x , AIX 4.x
Windows-NT 4.x

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Predictions for Java (24 - April - 97)
JAVA as a programming language will encompass
all software applications as time goes by - being
the foremost Object Oriented Language. But, in real-Time
applications, it will find it hard to replace 'C',
unless Garbage Collection and optimization for platform
is introduced by the compiler.

Its library (packages) base and applications will continue
to grow, in the long run make it very diverse but also 'weighty'
to some extent.

The language syntax will have to be expanded as applications increase
and pressure from various industries and hence applications become more diverse,
necessitating a richer syntax/keywords.

JNI has to be adopted commonly by everyone, else its scope will get restricted to WEB applets only

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