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Rates: $70/hr to $80/hr

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Boston, MA and Toronto, Ont

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Java / C++ / JDBC
Audio / Pattern Recognition / Speech Recognition
Java, JDBC, C++, OOD.
Speech recognition, audio applications.
Pattern recognition, neural networks.
MFC, JDK 1.1
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Past projects
Midhurst Asset Mgmt, London UK -
JDBC financial analysis/neural networks
PureSpeech, Inc, Boston MA -
Speech recognition applications
Devonrue Inc., Boston MA - SQL, software consulting
CERN - Scientific research
Massachusetts Inst of Tech - Scientific research
Programming background
Shipped >1 million copies of speech recognition applications.

Languages background
Software-environment background
MFC, Visual C++ 4.0
JDK 1.1 / JDBC
NeuroShell 2
OS background
Win95, Windows, DOS, VMS, Mac

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