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Rates: $45/hr to $130/hr

Services provided as a Company with 3 java people

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Minneapolis, Minnesota with offices in

Best way to contact
Tel:   (612) 914-0346
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JDBC / NetPc (NetOS) / Client-Server
Banking Systems / OS/2 / Client Strategy Analyses
JDBC: Connecting existing database structures, or developing new
structures that are accessed via a Intranet Java application.

NetPC(NC): Company strategy analysis and development of the new NetPC
technologies.  We can show you how Java and the NetPC will save
your company money.

100% Pure Java(tm):  All BlackBird applications and applets are
guarentied to be 100% Pure Java code.  This assures you that company
mergers or strategic platform shifts will not endanger you existing
software base!
Preferred projects
Java application centric dealing in
a Client-Server based environment, as well as
contract for NetPC centric strategy development.
International contracts are welcome.
Platform of focus
OS/2, Unix, Windows NT/95
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Past projects
IBM Germany:  Special and 'emergency' consulting.

Commerzbank Germany:  Internet and teleoperator application development.
Languages background
(varies with indidual)
Java:  1 year
C/C++: 3 years
4GL:   1 year (PowerBuilder)
Others: REXX, Pascal, Basic

OS background
OS/2 Warp, Warp Server
Windows 95/NT

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Predictions for Java (3 - April - 97)
Java will be the main language used by larger fortune 500
companies.  Partially due to the NetPC(NC) and partially
due to the internet, Netscape.  1998 will see a dramatic
upswing in Java app development.

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