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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: 45 to 225

Services provided as a Company with 2 java people

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Atlanta, GA

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J++/COM Integration / Java Consulting / N-tier Internet Development
Active Server Pages / ORBs / Java Beans
We specialize in developer web hosting and
internet n-tier project design and

Full access is given for Servlet, Java 
server-side COM objects (J++), JDBC
developments and Active Server Pages. 
A Castanet Channel Hosting service is soon
to come.

Consulting is available at all stages of 
project and product development.
Preferred projects
Internet Development related with Java Applets
communicating back to Server-Side objects.

Database integration with JDBC and dbANYWHERE,
Oracle, SQL Server, Access.
Platform of focus
Windows NT
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Past projects
Currently do work for a fortune 50 company in
Atlanta with Intranet, Extranet and Java
development - plus many smaller companies'
Web/Database Integration projects.

Much experience also in the J++/COM 
Integration arena with participation in most
of Microsoft's Internet Betas.

Programming background
Object Oriented Design and many years of 
Internet and Programming experience.

20 years total experience for the company's
individuals. (10 each)

Languages background
Java, J++, JavaScript, VBScript, PERL, C, C++,
Visual C++, Active Server Pages, VB3,4,5, 
Pascal, Fortran, Cobol.

Software-environment background
Visual C++, Visual J++, Symantec Visual Cafe
Pro, Visual Basic 4.0, Visual Basic 5.0.

Asymetrix Supercede, dbANYWHERE, ODI 
ObjectStore PSE for Java.
Hardware background
LAN/WAN Integration, Configure small networks
for Internet Access.

Intel, DEC, MacIntosh.

OS background
Windows NT, Unix.

Miscellaneous technology background
COM/ORB Integration.

Distributed Computing.

HTML Layout and Design.
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Predictions for Java (24 - March - 97)
Java is a definite contender for the future
direction of computing, let's just hope
Microsoft doesn't own it in 5 years.

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