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On the internet.
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3727 Thornebrooke Place
Duluth, GA 30155

Best way to contact
Stop by and drop us a note, or
email us at, or give us a
call at 770-622-0309. 
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Java Beans / AWT / Applets
Applications / Image Processing
We've been doing Java since the very beginning.
We are the creators of the webWidgets GUI 
component package.  This has given us loads of
experience in the ins and outs of the AWT (and
there are lots of them!).  Our specialty is 
building tools that allow others to get the
job done.
Preferred projects
Custom components, Applets, Applications.
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Past projects
Flying Dog Software started in early 1996.  
We have about as much Java expierence as 
anyone who was not working at Sun during the
initial development of Java.
Languages background

OS background
Unix (pick a flavor)
Windows 95/NT

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Our current work environment includes

Visual Cafe
FrontPage 97
JDK 1.1
Java Bean Development Kit

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
The webWidgets Version 2.0

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Predictions for Java (17 - March - 97)
In the end Java will win as the programming 
language of choice for the start of the new 
millenium.  The reasons are simple, it is just
plain fun to program in, it is available on
just about any platform you can imagine, it
is free (at least the JDK), and it is has the
fundemental computer science underpinnings 
needed by a language for the turn of the 
century (i.e. monitor support for multithreading,
garbage collection, etc).  And besides it's cool.

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