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Sekhar S

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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: US$30 to US$75

Services provided as a freelancing individual

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758 Mount Road 5th Floor
Chennai 600 002 India 

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Java VRML Applet Class / TClets
We are a firm of professionals involved in software development for the last 6 months. Can pool additional resources in case of a bigger projects. Dedicated and Timely Service assured. Contact by email: for quotes. Demos can be arranged to be sent. Send us email
Preferred projects
Offshore Software Development
Y2K Projects
OS background
OS2 Win95

Tools available - SOFTWARE
OS/2 and all related softwares.
Runs a BBS system using Maximus 

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium 120 and 2 Lan Servers with 20 nodes

Tools available - NET
Have own web space.
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Predictions for Java (5 - March - 97)
Should be the cup of Coffee for every net scaper.

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