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Cerisiers 14
P.O. Box 49



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By E-Mail :
By phone  : +41 32 835 2422
By Fax    : +41 32 835 2422
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JAVA / JavaScript / Training
Consulting / Development / Client-Server
ADENIA Software is specialized in Java and JavaScript
specific training courses.

We also provide consulting services on implementation
of the Java Computing model.
Preferred projects
On site training.

Implementation of the Java Computing model.

Development of specific application.
Platform of focus
Windows NT-95
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Past projects
ADENIA has been managing projects on PIM developpment
with Access and Visual Basic.
Programming background
We have been mainly using Delphi, VB and Access to develop
some specific business applications.

Tools available - SOFTWARE
We use Cafe and Visual Cafe with JetConnect (XDB Systems) to
develop client-server applications in Java.

Today, we are evaluating the new release of JDK 1.1.

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Predictions for Java (25 - January - 97)
In ADENIA, we think that Java will become the most
used programming language for the next generation of
client-server applications.

The arrival of real RAD development environnement will
still increase this tendancy.

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