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Berkenlaan 4
Tel.: +31-(0)43-3646379 

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designing / programming / multimedia projects (games) / c/c++
java / assembler / perl (CGI)
Platform of focus
Unix, Windows, Amiga
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Past projects
In august '96, I finished  masters course on computing science, at the Eindhoven University
of Technology. I am currently part of a two years post masters programme.
Programming background
Some friends and I created several commercial computer games
on the commodore Amiga. Furthermore, I write shareware programs,and program applets/www-services just for the fun of it.

For more info, see:

Languages background
c/c++, java, assembler (6502, 680x0, 80x86), perl, pascal, ...

Software-environment background
OS background
Unix (Linux, SunOs/Solaris), AmigaOS, MS-DOS, Windows (3.x, '95)

Tools available - SOFTWARE
GNU tools (gcc, emacs, ...), Sun's JDK, Visual C++/J++.

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Predictions for Java (26 - December - 96)
Sorry, I just brought my crystal ball to the cleaners'. :-)

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