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RD 2 Box 130
Goshen, NY 10924

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phone:  914-651-7074
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Java Development / GUI / Visual Basic
Visual Basic to Java Conversion / Training
I created Visual Basic to Java which converts
Visual Basic projects into Java source code.

Specialize in this conversion and in all aspects
of Java GUI design and development.
Preferred projects
Visual Basic to Java conversion.
Training VB programmers in Java.
GUI design and development.
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Past projects
10 years industry experience.

7 years at Prodigy doing interactive 
application development.  Projects
include Usenet Newsgroups, Commercial
shopping applications, and online
Fantasy Baseball game.

Programming background
Extensive experience in Java, Visual Basic,
design, development, and project management.

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
VBtoJava - shareware, free trial
$50 for registered version

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Predictions for Java (19 - November - 96)
Java applications will surpass applets in 
popularity and form the basis for a rich set of 
tools and applications on network computers.

Java provides us with a chance to rethink
traditional programming paradigms and start
with a clean slate.  JavaOS and Java machines
may provide the base for new and exciting
opportunities for advanced software development.

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