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Gregory Woodruff

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BACKGROUND: specialties software hardware/OS projects

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Rates: $100/hr to $500/hr

Services provided as a freelancing individual

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Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Best way to contact
E-Mail at
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Java Programming / Java Consulting / Project Management
Systems Programming / Distributed Computing / Java Client/Server
- Consulting
- Project feasibility
- System design work
- Over all design
- Java client/server
- HTTP protocol
- Multi-tread applications
- Dataflow design
- Booch's O.O. design
- Distributed computing
Preferred projects
1) Consulting work. $400/hr to $500/hr, $2000/day
    - need help with getting you Java project back on track ?    
    - need to know if a project is feasible ?
2) System design work. $100/hr to $200/hr, $1000/day
    - over all design, in house programming
    - have a specific project ? Contact for quote.
Platform of focus
Java, Java OS.
I'm interested in pure java Development.
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Past projects
I've worked on several projects mostly
for The Canadian Government.
Programming background
- I've been programming in    Java for 18 months
- I've been programming in     C++ for 6  years
- I've been programming in       C for 10 years
- I've been programming in general for 12 years

I use Booch's object oriented design technique.

I can also program in the usual array of other languages.

I've worked on all the standard systems os/360,unix,workbench,MS-DOS,Windows (3.1/NT/etc.)

Tools available - SOFTWARE

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Predictions for Java (17 - November - 96)

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