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Multiple field offices: One at 1731 Howe Av #370, Sacramento, CA 95825

Best way to contact, 916/450-7941
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R & OO DBMS (pref. Progress WebSpeed) / C++ Java Javascript Delphi VB VRML Python / OLE OCX CORBA ActiveX
perl tcl/tk Shockwave CGINial / Encryption Security Firewall / Development Consulting Training
Database, Manufacturing & Financial Apps, Languages, Operating Systems, AI, Scientific, Simulations and Modeling, Statistical Analysis
Preferred projects
Development, Conversion, Porting, Training
Platform of focus
Unix, Wintel
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Past projects
More than 600 clients since 1976, in almost every field, on most platforms and operating systems, using most languages.
Programming background
Have written more than 200 major apps for various
business, government, and academic functions:
Accounting, finance, scheduling, manufacturing
management, task management, process optimization.
Also written various utilities, enhanced and
ported various languages and operating systems.

Languages background
C, C++, Forth, Smalltalk, Eiffel, Java,APL, LISP,
Prolog, Q'Nial, Ada, Pascal, Postscript, Assembler.
Progress, Oracle, Informix, Sybase, Ingres,
Empress, Unify, ZIM, MagicPC, XBase, R:Base, Paradox.
Gemstone, Ontos, Poet, Versant, MDBS Titanium.
Delphi, VBasic, Powerbuilder, KnowledgePro.
AutoCAD, FastCAD, DesignCAD.

Software-environment background
MS MFC, X-lib, OLE, OCX, CORBA, GNU lib, vi,
RCS, SVCS, make, imake, Korn shell
Hardware background
Intel PC, Sun Sparc, HP 9000, IBM RS/6000, Silicon
Graphics, DEC, Data General, NCR Tower, Acer/Altos,
MacIntosh, PowerPC Mac, Z-80/S-100

OS background
Unix (SCO, Solaris, AIX, HP/UX, DG/UX), MS DOS,
MS Win 3.1, MS Win 95, MS Win NT, OS/2, MVS,
VM/CMS, VMS, Mac 7, CP/M

Miscellaneous technology background
TCP/IP, NFS, Novell, X-Windows, PPP
Tools available - SOFTWARE
All mentioned elsewhere.

Tools available - HARDWARE
PCs running Win 3.11, Win 95, Win NT, SCO ODT.
Sun Sparc.

Tools available - NET
Several providers.
Multiple WWW sites.
Email, FTP, Newsreaders, Netscape, Telnet, IRC,
Digitalk, Videoconferencing.
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Predictions for Java (17 - November - 96)
It will take a significant place as a development
tool, but it will not be the complete solution,
especially for large, complex apps and large files,
due to performance. There will continue to be a
need for clientside apps optimized for performance.

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