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Arlington, VA 

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Java / JDBC / Javascript / Livewire / Oracle and Oracle Webserver / Informix
CGI / Perl / HTML / Unix Network Programming / Intranet / Internet
· Software Engineer with a 6+ year successful track record in client/server software
· Skillful problem solver with a strong foundation in Unix, RDBMS and Internet tools
· Excellent knowledge of Oracle Webserver and Netscape Commerce and Enterprise Servers
· Oracle 6/7.x, Informix 5/7.x - Online, Data modelling and Unix, Shell scripts
· Good analytical and programming abilities using Java, JDBC, JavaScript, Livewire, Perl/CGI, HTML
· Windows and Unix programming involving IPC, Winsock, TCP/IP, RPC/XDR, LU6.2
Preferred projects
1. Tele-commute preferred
2. Internet/Intranet development using HTML, Java, JavaScript, PL/SQL using Oracle Webserver
3. Internet/Intranet development using HTML, Java, JDBC, Javascript, Livewire, CGI/Perl using Netscape Servers
4. Web-database connectivity (Oracle, Informix)
Platform of focus
Windows NT, Windows 95On-site:-
Solaris, HP-UX, SCO Unix, Windows NT
Languages background
10 years ago: BASIC
9 years ago : Pascal, FORTRAN
8 years ago : COBOL, C
7 years ago : C graphics, Z80/8085 assembler
6 years ago : C
5 years ago : C++
4 years ago : Informix 4GL
3 years ago : Perl, HTML
2 years ago : Oracle PL/SQL
1 years ago : JavaScript
Now   : Java

OS background
Windows NT
Windows 95Linux
Solaris 2.4
HP-UX 9000
SCO Unix

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Oracle Enterprise Server 7.3 on Windows NT 4
Oracle Webserver 2.x, 3.xDeveloper/2000, Designer/2000
Microsoft Visual J++
Sun Java Workshop
Microsoft Visual C++ 

Tools available - HARDWARE
Pentium 150 Mhz PC

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Predictions for Java (7 - October - 96)
Java continues to mature. With JDBC, Java Beans
and other APIs add to the already rich set of 
features Java offers and make Java a powerful, 
open and portable language ready for business 
applications. Java will replace most of the 
common-place client/server languages and tools. 
Significant improvements to the the JVM will
make Java challenge the speed of C++.

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