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Houston, TX

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user-interfaces / multimedia / "underground" applications
JAVA/Active-x Interfacing
Client side applications
Underground applications (Spoofers, spammers, etc.)
User-Interfaces utilizing the AWT
Preferred projects
Platform of focus
Generally Win NT/95 but with JAVA, platform
is irrelevent.
Languages background
C/C++ 2-3 years
JAVA 10+ months

Software-environment background
Borland C++
Sun Java Workshop
Hardware background
x86 architecture

OS background
Win NT/95
DOS/Win 3.11

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Predictions for Java (3 - October - 96)
JAVA, along with Microsoft's Active-X technology will make the web a dynamic media 
allowing for greater, more efficient exchange of ideas. With JAVA's platform independence,
we no longer need to write a seperate application for Win NT/95, Mac, or Solaris. This 
independence will lower the cost of software production and allow programmers to 
concentrate on what they do best rather than waste time porting already existing
code to different operating systems.

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