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101 South Street
Harrisburg, PA 17101

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Java applet / Web design / Web administration
Instruction - HTML/Java
Web design and development (HTML/Java)
Web administration (WebMaster)
HTML/Java Instruction
Preferred projects
Web design and development
Platform of focus
Windows NT
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Past projects
15 Years Technical Writing and Graphic Design
5 Years HTML design and development work
Programming background
Primarily consulting type projects in C and C++,
just beginning to develop work in Java.

Languages background
C, C++ and Java

Hardware background
Extensive PC background with associated peripherals from the old
IBM-XT to present "6" systems. 

OS background
All microprocessor based systems (DOS, OS2, NT)

Tools available - SOFTWARE
JWK 1.0 with JDK (of course)
MS Office
Various graphic packages.
HotDog and WebEdit HTML editors
Netscape Gold 3.0

Tools available - HARDWARE
586 NT machine.  Will be moving up to multiple
processor architecture in 1997.

Tools available - NET
Too numerous to list, but any and everything
right now on Java and JavaScript. is 
my Internet domain so I exercise full, and unlimited
access to the Internet as a research tool.
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Free demos when completed

URL for more info http://TBA

Predictions for Java (15 - September - 96)
It will struggle upward, much depends on the continuing development of
stand-alone applications.  Applets are somewhat useful, but the real
staying power will be totally open applications that achieve full
cross-platform functionality.

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