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Steven Burkett

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Rates: $75 to $125/hr

Services provided as a freelancing individual

Looking for fulltime work

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Available immediately for fixed-bid work, will consider long term projects, as long as relocation is not required.
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St. Louis, MO

Best way to contact
Home phone: (314) 962-0724
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Java / C/C++ / TCP/IP Communications
Architecture/Design / MVS/UNIX Connectivity
Communications programming, TCP/IP and SNA.

All levels of design, from system architecture to reusable objects.

Java, C, C++ programming.

Bridging the gap between MVS and UNIX.

Exceptional communication, both technical and non-technical; training.
Preferred projects
Difficult design problems, technically challenging projects.  

Well defined requirements are a must.
Platform of focus
MVS, UNIX (Solaris, AIX, Linux, BSD), Windows 95
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Past projects
U.S. Air Force - MVS Systems Programmer.
Edward Jones   - MVS Systems Programmer
                 MVS Assembler Programmer
                 C/C++ Communications Programmer.
                 System Architect.
Open Object    - Java programmer.
Southwestern Bell - C/C++ Communications Programmer.
Languages background
Java, C/C++, 370 Assembler, CICS/COBOL, Pascal, Fortran, BASIC

Hardware background
Sparc, Intel, S/370, S/390

OS background
UNIX, MVS, CICS, VMS, MPE, DOS/Windows/Windows 95

Miscellaneous technology background
ONC/RPC, DCE/RPC, Tuxedo, TOPCOM, TCP/IP troubleshooting
Satellite communications
Serial line communications
Data compression
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