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Markus Reith
Haselweg 49
44575 Castrop-Rauxel

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networking / GUIs / graphics
distributed programming (CORBA)
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Past projects
Programming as student worker at university.
Studying Electrical Engineering Sciences and
Computer Engineering Sciences.
Programming background
I have worked with C, C++, TCL/TK and of
course with Java. 

Languages background
C, C++, TCL/TK, Java

Software-environment background
Orbix (distributed objects, CORBA implementation)
Liquid Reality (3d-graphics and VRML with Java)
STL (Standard Template Library, C++ and Java)
TCL/TK (TK is a GUI toolkit)
Hardware background
I work at university on Sun Sparcstations,
DECs and on a Silicon Graphics. At home I 
have a PC.

OS background
I work at university on SunOS, Solaris,
DEC-OSF/1 and Irix. At home I prefer Linux.

Tools available - NET
Markus Reith's Java Developer's Page:
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Predictions for Java (5 - August - 96)
I think Java will replace C++ in a few years.
A lot of development work has to be done to
provide the same programming resources for Java
as available for C and C++. In the near future
the speed of Java programms and the availability
of professional programming tools will decide 
on the future of Java. I think Java has a really
good chance.

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