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Full-time: March, 1997 -- Part-time: Depends on project.
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I work on-site in the greater Chicago Metro 
area. I am willing to tele-commute using
my development systems to anywhere in the US.

Best way to contact
Contact me at
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Java / C++ / C / Client - Server / Network (TCP/IP)
Internet / Intranet / Full Life Cycle Develoment / UNIX / Windows / OS2
Areas of Responsibility:
  Project Lead 
  Lead Programmer 
  Lead Designer 
  Technical Lead
  Contact Programmer 
  System Tester
  Technical Documentation 

Preferred projects
Client / Server, Internet, Intranet,
and Multi-Platform projects.
Platform of focus
UNIX - Solaris, HPUX, AIX, Linux, DGUX
PC   - Windows / DOS
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Past projects
Areas of Development:
  Internet Marketing 
  Market Sampling/Demographics
  Financial/Trading Systems 
  Real Estate/Property Management
  Government Reporting
  Materials Management and Distribution
  Systems Software
  Engineering & Scientific Systems
Programming background
I am a seasoned software development professional with 8 years of 
experience. My system development experience includes Client/Server 
and Multi-Tiered Client/Server business applications. Past application
development work includes design and development of graphical user 
interfaces, data servers, proprietary databases, ISAM, RDBMS, SQL, 
TCP/IP communications, scientific, and reporting business applications. 
I have generally worked on projects for the full lifecycle of the 
software and understand the issues involved from system requirements 
to deployment.

Languages background
C++, C, Java, Visual BASIC, SQL,
DATABUS, 8088 Assembler, TestBASIC,
sh(Korn/Bourne), Pascal

Software-environment background
Windows SDK,Object Builder,Windows for C,Windows for Data,
Curses,Vermont Views,Phar Lap DOS-Extender,
dBase III(dBC III),OS/2 API Library,dblib.

Hardware background
IBM RS/6000, HP-890, HP-750, SUN,
SUN SPARC Station, IBM PC, IBM PS/2, Intel 80X86,
Prime, Data General Aviion

OS background
Solaris, System V, AIX, HP-UX, Linux,
Interactive UNIX, UNIX Ware, DG-UX, SUN-OS,
XENIX, MS-DOS, MS-Windows, OS/2

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Predictions for Java (29 - July - 96)
Java can be a very useful tool to develop 
Multi-Platform user interfaces and internet
applications and applets.

If Sun, Microsoft, and Netscape can come to
an agreement that will keep platform-specific
"extensions" from becoming the norm, I think
that Java could be (eventually) as good a
general purpose programming language as C
and C++ are.

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