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Mt. Crested Butte, Colorado

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or phone, voice (970) 349-0442, fax (970) 349-0448
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Java/C++ / OO design/development / embedded applications
consumer electronics / distributed applications / AI technologies
- home automation
- consumer electronics- embedded applications
- emerging technologies
- distributed applications
- interface design/development
- OO design/development
- education
- AI technologies (Expert Systems, Neural Networks, Fuzzy Logic)
- web based applications
Preferred projects
offsite/telecommuting, Java related
consulting/contract engineering
Platform of focus
The Java "platform". However I am experienced
in, and comfortable with, both UNIX and win32 PC 
platforms as well.
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Past projects
- consulting for the past three and a half years
- nine years professional OO/C++ experience- over one year of Java experience
Languages background
Java (since may '95)
C++  (9 years)C

Tools available - SOFTWARE

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Predictions for Java (21 - July - 96)
The Java platform is still somewhat green but
progressing extremely fast.  

It will be the technology of choice for many application areas.  
I'm especially excited about what it can do for embedded 
applications and the potential of a Java-based network computer.

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