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New York, New York 

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voice : (212) 879-7227
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Java / JavaScript / C++
Internet Technologies / Win32 / Macintosh
Software Design and Implementation
Internet/intranet Design and ImplementationJava/Macintosh/Windows/Newton Programming
Preferred projects
Java Applets, Netscape Plug-Ins, Director XTRAs, or CGIs6
Platform of focus
Java, Macintosh, Windows95/NT
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Past projects
Reality Games - 6 months designing websites and a custom CD-ROM based interface to the Net
Claris Corporation - 4 years developing ClarisWorks, Claris Organizer, and FileMaker
Programming background
Website development using HTML, JavaScript, Java, Shockwave, Perl and C++.
Design and implementation of popular productivity applications on Macintosh, Windows, and Newton.

Languages background
Java - 8 months
JavaScript - 4 monthsLingo - 3 months
C++ - 1 year
C - 6 years
Pascal - 2 years

Software-environment background
CodeWarrior Java
CodeWarrior C/C++
Symantec C++
Visual C++
OS background
MacintoshWindows 95/NT

Miscellaneous technology background
Multilingual Computing
Tools available - SOFTWARE
DirectorCodeWarrior 9
JDK 1.0.2
Visual C++ 4.0

Tools available - HARDWARE
PowerMac 8500
PowerBook Duo 280cReply 200Mhz Pentium

Tools available - NET
WWW, FTP, Telnet, Mail
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Predictions for Java (10 - July - 96)
Going to be the ultimate winner of the platform wars.

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