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Herndon, VA and Pittsburgh, PA

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Java / C/C++ / 3D Graphics
Client/Server / GUI Design / UNIX/SGI
Java, C/C++
3D Graphics (Modelling, Rendering, VR, VRML)
GUI Design
Preferred projects
Off-site, both embedded content (applet) and
standalone application development.
Primarily short-term (
Platform of focus
UNIX (SGI, Linux, et cetera)
Languages background
Extensive C & C++
Some Perl, Lisp

Hardware background
Some HP & Sun

OS background
UNIX (Linux, IRIX, et cetera)
Moderate Windows (3.1, 95, NT)

Miscellaneous technology background
Photorealistic Graphics Modelling and Rendering
Virtual Reality
Tools available - HARDWARE
SGI Indy Workstation

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Predictions for Java (7 - July - 96)
When supplied with a sufficient API, Java's VM
has the potential to enable very direct cross-platform
development with a much broader scope that that
provided by embedded content; that is to say,
large-scale Java (and Java VM) based applications
have a real future and may very well replace
C & C++ as the languages-of-choice for most types
of software development within 3 years (excluding
real-time and operating systems development).

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