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Sofia 100
Dr. Stefan Sarafov Street 20, bl 1, apt 22
fax: +359 2 980 38 17
tel: +359 88 533 133


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Java/JavaScript/HTML/CGI/VRML / C/C++ / Pascal
SQL / Multimedia / OOP
Application Design & Development
Database Design & SupportMultimedia Math Modeling:  Optimization Problems
  Numerical Methods
  Structural Algorithms
  3D Worlds
Preferred projects
Application Design & Development
All ranges of Java projectsDatabase Design & SupportMultimedia Projects3D Projects
Platform of focus
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Past projects
2 years IBM Bulgaria - Technologica Ltd.
  Senior programmer3 years Nisoft Ltd.  Software Development Dept. Manager
Programming background
5 years MS DOS Application development
3 years MS Windows apps.1 year OS/2 apps.
1 year DB/2 database design & support
1 year multimedia apps.
1 year AIX - RS/6000 apps.

Languages background
2 years Java/HTML/JavaScript/CGI
3 years C/C++
5 years Pascal
1 year Basic
1 year Prolog
1/2 year Lisp

Software-environment background
Symantec Cafe,
Borland JBuilder
Borland C/C++ & OWL
Borland Pascal
Borland Delphi
MS Visual C/C++
MS Visual Basic

IBM C/CSet++
RS/6000 Workbench
Hardware background
7 years PC
2 years Apple II,1/2 year Mac,
1/2 year RS/6000

OS background
5 years MS DOS
3 years MS Windows 3.x, 9x, NT x
2 years Linux
1 year OS/2
1/2 year AIX

Miscellaneous technology background
Web Programming,
Visual Programming,Functional Programming,
Parallel Programming,
Tools available - SOFTWARE

Tools available - HARDWARE
Multimedia PC
Laser Printer,Scanner

Tools available - NET
Netscape Navigator/Communicator,
Sun JDK, FreeBuilder Java IDE, HTML editors,
VRML editors
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial

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Predictions for Java (6 - July - 96)
We all have the feeling of something great.
Let's hope we'll also have some formal proves
of that claim (soon enough).

I believe the great functional programming 
mathematitians like P. Jones, Bird and Wadler
will give us soon their useful
math tools for the Java concepts, which will
make this modern language Pro's best choise.

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