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1602 Enclave Parkway Box 2515
Houston, TX  77077

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Phone: (713)531-8983
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Visual Basic / Java / Delphi
User Interface Design / Database Design / Business Analysis
Specialties include business analysis and systems design.
Currently working heavily with Visual Basic and MS SQL Server.
Preferred projects
Large to medium size client server projects.
Platform of focus
Windows 3.1, Windows 95, Windows NT
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Past projects
Worked as senior analyst/consultant for major companies including Shell, Exxon, AIM, Panhandle Eastern and Enron.
Projects include:

Incident Tracking System for OSHA requirements,
Contract Management System for supply chain management,
Fund Information System for calculating net asset value,
Software Methodolgy Tracking System for keeping track of various deliverables during the software development process

Have worked as the senior programmer/analyst for all projects.
Programming background
Have developed several medium/large scale applications for companies such as Shell and Exxon.

Languages background
Languages include Java, C++, Visual Basic and Delphi

Software-environment background
Very good knowledge of MS SQL Server and MS Access.  Have also worked with Oracle and Sybase databases.
Hardware background
Have setup various PC based intranet systems.

OS background
Have setup numerous networks with NT server.

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Resources used include World Wide Web, MSDN and local user groups.

Tools available - HARDWARE
Local intranet running on a pentium 100 server and a 486 100 client.

Tools available - NET
Internet MCI
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Predictions for Java (30 - June - 96)
It is going to be the language of choice in 5 years.

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