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McLean, VA

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2. 703.556.4829 (Fax)
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Java / HTML / CGI
C++ / Sybase / GUI
Almost ten years of Information Systems experience
working with several Fortune 100 companies using
one or more of the following technologies: 

. Internet and Intranet Web Development 
. Client-Server Application Development 
. Relational Database Management Systems (Sybase, Informix) 
. Object-Oriented Analysis/Design/Programming 
. MS-Windows, UNIX 
. Java, C++, CGI, SQL, Visual Basic, Visual C++, ODBC, PERL, and UNIX Shell/Utilities
Preferred projects
1. Design of a development project's system
2. Internet/Intranet development using HTML, Java, CGI Scripts, etc..
3. Training/Teaching short course.
Platform of focus
1. Windows 95
2. UNIX (Solaris, etc.)
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Java applet/application collection
TextEditor (Free), javaSQL (Free), infoBook 2.0 ($59 for individual license)

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Predictions for Java (29 - June - 96)
It will replace most programming languages 
within the next 2 years.  Currently Java
offers the same or more benefits than existing
programming languages but database access is a
core requirement for most business applications.
JDBC will help Java become ready for primetime.

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