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Services provided as a Company with 8 java people

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Erlangen, Germany
Frequently in the valley

Best way to contact
or +49-9131-201358 (fax)
or +49-9131-201329 (phone)
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real-time communication / groupware / interaction
large java projects / client-server programming
Real-Time interaction
Distributed Programming
Preferred projects
Online communication for internet users.
Our Como Server Framework allows rapid
development of customized real-time 
communication applets such as Chats,
shared whiteboards, and games.	
Platform of focus
any java platform
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Past projects
A prototype for our system
won $75000 at JavaCup in the
category internet / web agents.

We closely cooperate with the 
university of Erlangen.
Languages background
german, english and french :-)

We focus on java, but other
languages are no problem.

Software-environment background
cvs and vi

Java Tools available are not usable
for large projects yet.
Hardware background
Sun UltraSparc

OS background

Tools available - HARDWARE
Sun, SGI, HP workstations
PC's and Macs for testing only.

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Free testing of our applets on your pages
depends on license size.

URL for more info

Predictions for Java (27 - June - 96)
There will be one more major redesign
of some aspects of the language, there will
be much more chaos, but finally, Java
will be THE standard language for most

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