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August 96 for full time, immediate for contract
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Cincinnati, Ohio  USA

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email (
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Java / C++ / C
GUI / Multimedia / Compression
Java, C++, OOA/D/P, GUI, Multimedia development,
image processing, audio mixing
Preferred projects
Any Java applets that will expand my experience.
Initially, I will even do jobs for free.
Platform of focus
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Past projects
Cinebase Software
	Cincinnati, OH (1994-present)
	Product manager/project manager/software engineer
	Products: Harmony, Integrated Video (multimedia
	software for SGI)
Structural Dynamics Research Corporation
	Milford, OH (1988-1994)
	Software engineer
	Products: I-DEAS Master Series
Programming background
2.5 years
	Digital media software, image processing
4 years
	Engineering software

Languages background
0.5 years - Java, HTML
1 year - TCL/TK 
2.5 years - Digital media development, image processing, C++
4 years - C, UNIX scripts, Fortran

Software-environment background
CaseVision (SGI debugging environment)
UNIX tools, emacs, gnats, etc.
Visual C++
Hardware background
SGI, PC (full range of sys admin on both)

OS background
PC (Windows 3.X, Windows 95, DOS)
Mac (usage only - no development)

Miscellaneous technology background
Also familiar with Computational Fluid Dynamics,
	Structural Analysis, and Fractals
Tools available - SOFTWARE
emacs, JDK, CASEVision

Tools available - HARDWARE

Tools available - NET
The Java Boutique
Xemacs home
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Predictions for Java (25 - June - 96)
Java has the potential to replace the current
multitude of OS and hardware configurations.  I
can envision the development of cheap hardware
platforms that run native Java code and give the
PC market a run for its money.

However, I think Java and the internet are in
danger of hype-ing themselves out of usefulness.
Only time will tell.

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