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June 1996
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Milpitas, California

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Phone: 408-946-4367
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Object Oriented Design / GUI / Electronic Commerce
Expert Systems / JDBC / Agents
Object-oriented design and application.
Graphical User Interfaces.
Text search and analysis applications.
Artificial Intelligence Application engines.
Electronic commerce especially product 
Client server applications.
Databases including replication. 
Preferred projects
Complete application design and implementation.
Specialized application engines.
Platform of focus
Windows NT/95
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Past projects
Consulting in Java and C++ last five years.
Senior software development and 
project management experience 14 years prior to that.
Programming background
Product Configuration engine along with graphical interface.
Document classification and coding application.
Text search and analysis engine and applications.
Expert systems for diagnosis, configuration, design,
data interpretations, etc.
Database replication utility and client server
application using RPC.
Database interface and data conversion software.
Constraint engine.
Object oriented language design and implementation.

Languages background
Lisp, CLOS
Pascal, Fortran, etc.

Hardware background
Sun WS

OS background
Windows NT/95

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Java Cafe, Sun JDK
Microsoft Visual C++
Borland C++
Symantec C++

Tools available - HARDWARE

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