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Anu Garg

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Columbus OH (open to relocation) 

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Java / C/C++ / Unix
Windows / WWW / Internet
Over three years of experience in the field of Internet technologies,
both as a user and as a provider.  Highly aware of the technical aswell as social and cultural issues related to the Internet.  Creator
of some very popular sites and mailing list.
Expertise in Java programming.
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Java related
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Unix, Windows
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Wordserver, Anagram Server, A.Word.A.Day, Spirograph

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Predictions for Java (4 - May - 96)
Java is not only a significant development on
the Internet, it is also an elegant language
to program non-Internet related projects.  It
has gained critical mass now, and in the coming
years we lots of industrial strength products 
implemented using Java.

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