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June, 1996
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Auburn, Alabama moving to Atlanta, Georgia

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Java / HTML 3.0 / Web Administration
Distance Learning Testing Applet/Server combo
Preferred projects
Java applet/server combos
Platform of focus
Windows NT
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Past projects
Web Administrator/Java Progammer for 
Telecommunications/Educational Television
Division of Auburn University:
  In charge of web server, design of Telecom
  pages, and Java programming for clients
  of Instructional Media Group
Programming background
Creating Applet, Server combo to facilitate long-
distance testing of students.  Created CGI
form processing software in Java language for
NT server.  Wrote Visual BASIC script to 
handle server statistics processing.

Languages background
Java:  6 months (CGI, applet, server)
BASIC:  undergraduate and graduate courses
Visual BASIC:  3 months
HTML:  2 years

Software-environment background
Symantec Cafe
Microsoft Visual Basic
Hardware background
Intel 'x86 platforms
Apple Macintosh
Sun SparcStation

OS background
Windows 3.1, NT, '95
Macintosh System 7+
UNIX (Sun Solaris)

Tools available - NET
Gamelan, Sun's Java Tutorial
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Predictions for Java
Co-equal to C++ in 5 years.

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