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upto 20 hrs a week (available onsite in Chicago City)
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Java , Java AWT / C++ / Finance (Timeseries Analysis, Optimization, Attribution etc., )
Graphics (2D, 3D, Business ..) / Compiler Design / NT
* MS in CS
* 5+ yrs of C++ exp. in the financial field.* Object oriented Design/Programming.
* Computer Graphics.
(Major part of my work at Ibbotson involves  Financial Plots
(2D and 3D Bar,line, index, scatter pie charts are to name a few).
* Compiler Design
* Database Design
Preferred projects
General Java programming with inclination
towards GUI Custom Controls. Please take 
a look at
to see the jcx controls that I have developed
in Java. The jcx.TreePanel is a TreeControl
that you can use in your Java code to show
any kind of Heirarcical Data with underlying
URL links to other pages on the Web.
Platform of focus
Windows NT, Windows 95
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Past projects
Financial software design/implementation in C++.
* Time series analysis* Financial Graphs/Charts
* Statistics
* Timeseries Database design (Object Oriented)
* Timeseries calculator with a inbuilt C like language
* Optimization
* Forecasting
* Investment Style analysis
* OLE (Automation, Compound files, ..)
Programming background
C++ development on Windows using Borland C++
and OWL. Database design. Compiler design. Financial Graphics package implementation.
OLE automation.

Languages background
Java ofcourse!
C++, C, Pascal, smalltalk, FORTRAN etc. etc..and finally ECL
(opps! you might not know about this language. 
This is a C like financial time series calculation
language that I implemented!)

Software-environment background
Borland OWL, OLE SDK, Windows SDK
Hardware background
Majorly PCs.
Limited VAX/VMS, SUN.

OS background
DOS, Windows NT, UNIX.

Miscellaneous technology background
OLE Automation
OLE Compoundfile based DatabaseOODBMS

very good knowledge PC Hardware. 
I made my own PC with an ASUS (excellent!) 
Triton MB and NCR SCSI Card, Segate SCSI HD etc.
Choice OS: NT

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Lot of shareware + Borland C++ 5.0

Tools available - HARDWARE
At work:
Compaq P120 with 32 MRAM, 2 G SCSI, MS Sound etc...

At Home:
Home made Pentium 90 on an ASUS TP4XE with 32 MB
500 MB SCSI, 14.4 Modem. Moving to a ISDN 
Bitsurfer Soon..

Tools available - NET
NT RAS with Netscape Atlas (3.0 Beta. Excellent!)
Jigsaw (Java based HTTPD from MIT .. Very Good!)
WS FTP32 (Very Good)
Eudora (Good)

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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial
Free Class Library
Free (No Source code)

URL for more info

Predictions for Java (10 - April - 96)
Initially Java was aimed at the internet.
I think people will soon realize the power of
Java as a language and as a system that lets
implementation of OO software easier than in
C++. More powerfull Java environments will
become available soon and will be much faster
than the current implementations. Java for
desktop development becomes feasible.

And finally a daring prediction:
Java Run Time Environment embedded into Cairo !!!
(a future version of Windows NT)

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