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Cereus Design Corp.

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Rates: $75/hr to $125/hr

Services provided as a Company with 2 java people

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Cereus Design Corp.
Attn: Michael Lehman
1199 Forest Ave.
Suite 264
Pacific Grove, CA 93950

Best way to contact
phone : 408-626-3016 (voice/fax)
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Stand-alone apps / Java addons in C
Multimedia Tool/Application Development
Compiler / Tool Development
Music / MIDI Development
Client / Server Design and Development
Cross-Platform Native Development (Win/Mac)
Preferred projects
Off-site product development
On-site (SF bay area) consulting/prod. dev.
Platform of focus
MS Windows
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Past projects
25 years experience (our primary developer)
Consulting/Contracting for 17 of those years.
Former Director of R&D at Digital Research
Have developed retail (shrink-wrapped) products
from scratch (MaxiPlan, Digital Research C,
Pascal/MT+, Foundation)
Have contributed to many retail products
including MS Works for Macintosh

Clients include: Apple, Atari, Commodore,
Symantec, Borland, Microsoft, Warner New Media,
Tandy, NCR.
Programming background
Windows (since version 1.0) (incl. 95 & NT)
Mac (since 1984)
DOS (since 1981)
CP/M (since 1977)
Device Driver Development (since 1972)
Unix (since 1979)
IBM Mainframe (since 1971)

Languages background
C (since 1979) (Unix, DOS, Mac)
C++ (since 1990) (Borland, MS, Unix, Mac)
Pascal (since 1978)
Assembler (many machines) since 1969

We have developed compilers for many languages
including C and Pascal.  We have also developed
many special purpose languages and compilers
for clients.

Software-environment background
Visual C++
Borland C++
Visual Basic (since 1.0) incl. v4
Foundation (multimedia authoring sys for Amiga)
Hardware background
IBM mainframes
PDP-11 minis
PDP-8 minis
8-bit S-100 based systems
IBM PC/XT/AT/386/486/Pentium
Mac (Classic,Plus,II,Centris,Quadra,Power PC)

OS background
OS/360/370/3090, etc. since 1969
CP/M since 1977
DOS since 1981
Mac since 1984
Unix since 1979

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Windows 95 and NT
Symantec Cafe
Borland C++ v5 w/Java
Visual C++
Visual Basic 3 and 4
MS SQL Server
Netscape Navigator
Corel CD Creator

Tools available - HARDWARE
PC-clones (486 and Pentium)
Mac (Quadra 650 and Power PC)

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Predictions for Java
Java, like any other language, will survive on
its merrits as a functional tool.  When/If we
can address the security questions (to allow
persistance on the client) for both Intra and
Internet usage we will have a tool which might
just make a quantum step upward in cross-
platform development.

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