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Bradford Ward Holcombe

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Alexandria VA

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C/C++ / Macintosh / Java
Pattern Recognition / Multimedia / Webmaster
Program and Staff Management
Software Development Process Management
Programming (C/C++, Assembly (Motorola, ARM and Intel), perl, HTML, Java, Ada, Tcl / Tk)
Neural Networks (including cognitive science, neurobiology, hardware solutions,
architectures and parallel processing)
Mathematics / Physics / Electrical Engineering (Statistical pattern recognition, data
analysis, computer science, information theory, signal processing, control systems,
VLSI design)
Macintosh and UNIX system administration
Preferred projects
Multimedia, AI, Web
Platform of focus
Macintosh, 3DO
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Past projects
Founding member of a software development company specializing in leading-edge consumer software.
Created and implemented a multimedia software development process involving management, programming, 
creative and marketing aspects. Designed and implemented company-wide style guide and platform-independant 
debugging and data structure libraries.  Successfully produced a number of titles on multiple platforms, 
both for commercial sale and under contract to clients, including multimedia, interactive television and 
web publishing. Currently managing all product development and staff for Videoactv Studios (5 full time, 
10 consultants).
Programming background
Lead the technical team for a major semiconductor manufacturer¹s production of a next-generation neural network microprocessor and single board computer, resulting in three patents to date. Led the team that produced the software for the computer, including a CAD package for the graphical design of neural networks, a neural network design language, cross-compilers (for the neural network chip assembly, generic C, and Occam), neural network simulator board device drivers and internal chip routines. Produced all design and implementation documentation for the system.

Languages background
C, C++, Assembly (various Motorola, ARM and Intel processors), perl, HTML, Java, Ada, Tcl / Tk, Pascal, FORTRAN, Forth and Occam

Software-environment background
Metrowerks CodeWarrior and PowerPlant, Apple MPW, AppleGuide, AppleScript, Photoshop, Infini-D, WordPerfect, Microsoft Office and Project, X Windows (Xt and Motif), emacs, OpenGL, and Galaxy (cross platform GUI development package).
OS background
Macintosh (68K and PPC), 3DO, UNIX (Sun, RS6000, SGI, Harris, Apollo, HP and Alpha) and LINUX

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Metrowerks CodeWarrior and PowerPlant, Apple MPW, AppleGuide, AppleScript, Photoshop, Infini-D, WordPerfect

Tools available - HARDWARE
Macintosh Powerbook 540c

Tools available - NET
Web, News, e-mail, 
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Predictions for Java
Java has become the net language. As a return to
the cross-platform languages of the mid-seventies,
it is an idea whose time has finally come. It might
actually provide the reusability predicted by the
object-oriented gurus of the eighties.

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