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Nathan Barnett

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Northern Virginia

Best way to contact
Email me.
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Java / HTML / GIS
-Client/Server Java
-Virtual Worlds
Preferred projects
Platform of focus
Windows '95, IRIX, Linux
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Past projects
-Part Time Supervisor at Subway
-Contracting for Java
Programming background
-In Depth Knowledge of Java(Working with it since Beta)
-General Knowledge of C, C++, Pascal, LISP
-Most programming that I have done is for personal research

Languages background

Software-environment background
-Turbo C++
-Turbo Pascal
-Java OEW
-JDK 1.0
Hardware background
-Variety of Hardware

OS background
-Windows '95

Tools available - SOFTWARE
-JDK 1.0

Tools available - HARDWARE
-486 DX2/66 16Megs RAM w/Win '95

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Predictions for Java
I see Java as being the next major programming
language.  The built in stability, robustness,
and security will make it the most widely used
language of the future.

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