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June 5 '96
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41 Timber Lane
Topsfield, MA 01983

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OOA/OOD / Shlaer-Mellor & Coad-Yourdon / C++/Java
OODBMS (ObjectStore) / drawing-schematic GUI's / GIS
Give me a problem. I'll build an elegant OO solution for it in Java or C++.
I strongly believe that a good design means a better, less expensive product!

* OOA/OOD in Shlaer-Mellor, Coad-Yourdon, and other methodologies soon.

* OODBMS - Object Store, also RDBMS experience

* C++/Java - currently teaching a course entitled 
  "C++ & The Object Paradigm."

* GUI - recently developed a GIS/schematic hybrid editor
  for designing and maintaining cable TV networks.
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Windows (all)
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Predictions for Java
  Java will continue to dominate on the web. As more development 
tools become available it will take over the DBMS client world. As
Java hardware and machine specific compilers become available it 
will move into the application market.
  I predict a synergy between Java, the Web, and software patterns 
(see Gamma, Vlisades, et. al.) that will allow true component 
based software development well beyond that of OCXs.
  The rise of Java will precipitate the long awaited explosion of 
the ODBMS market.
  Microsoft will get left behind in all this. I use and love Windows 
NT. However, I strongly believe Bill Gates does not understand OO. 

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