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Rates: $50/hr to $250/hr

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591 South Alpine
Cornelius, OR 97113

Best way to contact
phone: 1-503-357-4823
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C++ / Windows / Java
Firmware / Embedded systems
Preferred projects
UI design, data conversion, data analysis,
tokenizers, parsers, network applications.
Platform of focus
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Past projects
See home page at:
Languages background
Assembler: 680x0, 6502, 65816, 68HC11, 8051,
Basic, C, C++, Java, Forth

OS background
MS-DOS, VAX/VMS, unix, Intuition

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Borland, Microsoft, Intermetrics, Archimedes,
Sun JDK compilers and debuggers

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Predictions for Java
Java has enormous potential.  Soon we will see people
carrying "java internet" terminals instead of laptops,
and plugging into internet sockets at the library and
school.  Just think of the possibilities!

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