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Oxford, United Kingdom
Always available on the internet.

(Could, if necessary, easily be located in London,
Paris, Munich, Salzbourg. Would be interested going
to the US or Japan) 

Best way to contact
tel/fax: 44 - 171-919-6471    
(United Kingdom)
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Java/Javascript / Distributed Artificial Intelligence / Constraint Logic Programming
Temporal Reasoning / Visual Basic, Access,... / html,perl,...
Preferred projects
short-term (less 3 month) Java projects

Not antagonistic to much longer term projects,
of course.

Platform of focus
Unix (including Linux)
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Past projects
Feb 1996 - now:  Java research for Imperial College, London
Summer, Autumn 1995: Distributed AI research at Imperial College, London, 
	including work in Temporal Reasoning and constraint logic programming.
all of 1994: 1 year project writing a simulation of Southampton City
	for the University of Westminster Transport Studies
	group in Visual Basic
previous: various other Relational Database jobs
Languages background
procedural:      Pascal * C * Basic
Object Oriented: Java
Declarative:     Prolog * ECLIPSE 
Internet:        Java * April * HTML
GUI:             Visual Basic * Tcl-tk
Databases:       ACCESS * Clipper * DBase II
Other:           Mathematica * Perl * LaTeX
Natural:         French * English * German 

Software-environment background
Linux Programming,
Hardware background
Dec-alpha, HP, Sun-Workstation,
386, 486, Apple Macintosh.

OS background
UNIX (DIGITAL, HP, Solaris, Linux)
Dos, Windows3.1, Windows 95, System 7
(Vax - a long time ago)

Tools available - SOFTWARE

Tools available - HARDWARE
486-DX2 70MHZ Toshiba
All Sun-WorkstationsDec-Alpha
Silicon Graphics

Tools available - NET
All internet resources I can get my hands on
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Resouces offered to the public - free/demo/trial

URL for more info

Predictions for Java (4 - March - 96)
Java is a big breakthrough for internet programming.
The next big breakthrough will come with intelligent
The Java virtual machine could well be a platform for
their development.

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