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Michael Afergan
Minuteman Programming Assoc.
4 Surro Drive 
Framingham MA 01701-3735

Best way to contact
Email at
A letter to the above address.
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Buisness Applications / Technical Writing / Communications
Writing / Teaching
     Business Applications     
     Multi-User Environments
     Communications (socket, etc.)
     Technical Writing
Preferred projects
Innovative and Exciting Applets
Technical Writing
Platform of focus
Windows NT/95
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Past projects
Java Work Experience:
    Consult through a Cambridge-based       
       company for major companies
    Author of several Java-books
       for Major National Publishers
    Researcher at MIT Artificial Intelligence 
    Teacher of Java overseas

(See resume for more information at
Programming background
Years of Experience developing User-Specific
    Applications for Business and Research

Languages background
Java, C++, C, Pascal, BASIC, PowerBuilder

Software-environment background
Microsoft office tools (Word, Excel)
  Borland Development Tools  
  Most standard UNIX and XWindows tools
Hardware background
IBM & IBM clones
SUN SPARC machines

OS background
UNIX, Windows 95/NT/3.1, DOS

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Word for Windows, Borland C++, Windows NT,
Java JDK, PowerBuilder, etc., etc., etc. 

Tools available - HARDWARE
Gateway 486DX/66 accessing the internet via a
dial-up PPP acount

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Predictions for Java (2 - March - 96)
Java is beginning to take the Internet in the
right direction.  For the next year or two, Java
will continue to enhance and develop the 
research and resource capabilities of the 
Internet.  As Internet and Java technologies 
progress, Java will serve as the standard - or
the model - for future interactive features on 
the web such as on-line shopping, etc.  
  In essence, Java technologies will not build 
the web for us, but will enable us to make web
pages as potent as the applications on our own 

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