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Daniel S. Jacobs, President
3 Wildwood Lane
Tech Tonic Netsystems
Burlington, MA 01803

Best way to contact
voice: (617)273-5825, (617)273-0231
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Object-oriented design / GUI design / Java programming
performance tuning / relational database access / object database access
Object-oriented design and Framework design
Java GUI design and implementation
Object-oriented database design
Relational database accesss with object mapping
Very high performance Java
Multi-threaded architectures
Network client-server architectures
Preferred projects
1. Java application and applet development.
2. Advanced Java training.
Platform of focus
Windows NT, Windows 95, Solaris
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Past projects
* Java development environment written in Java
  * Class file analysis and method disassembly  * Class inspector and cross-reference tool
  * Performance profiler
  * High-performance GUI framework
* distributed Java object connectivity framework
* 15 years systems software and applications software development.
* 3 years lead engineer in leading OODBMS company
* 12 years computer language design and implementation.
* 6 years database internals design and implementation.
* 8 years MS Windows programming.
* 7 years X-windows programming.
Languages background
C and C++

OS background
Solaris, Windows 95, Windows NT

Miscellaneous technology background
compiler internals
database internals
object-database internals
JVM internals
Tools available - SOFTWARE

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Predictions for Java (2 - March - 96)
I believe that Java will dominate intra-corporate
applications development within about 4 years.

Visual Basic will continue to dominate the 

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