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Tim Park

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April 1st (working on a book now)
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Santa Clara, CA

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Java / C / C++
Distributed Computing / Java C/C++ Interface Expert / Win95-Win32-WinNT Development
Preferred projects
Platform of focus
Intel, but willing to work on any.
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Past projects
INTEL CORPORATION -- Currently working on 
     development of a Java 3D graphics library.  

     chapters of content (on native methods and
     JDB) for upcoming books.  Working as a 
Programming background
7 years experience (hobbyist and industrial)
in C/C++/Java.  I've been working full time 
with Java for 5 months.

Languages background
C - 7 years.
C++ - 3 years.
Java - 5 months.

Software-environment background
Visual C++ - 4 years.
JDK - 5 months.
Hardware background
Have MSEE from Stanford in Computer 

OS background
Windows/Win95 Development - 4 years.
UNIX - 1 year

Tools available - SOFTWARE
Visual C++ 4.0, JDK 1.0

Tools available - HARDWARE
Intel Pentium 120

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Predictions for Java
Java will become the leading langauge for 
internet interactive content development, but
will not become the "solve-all" language that
it is hyped to be now.

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